My name is April Verch.  I’m a touring musician who was born and raised, and still lives, in the beautiful Ottawa Valley located in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.  I spend a great deal of time away from home, but my heart and soul are never far away from the “valley.”  I am proud to be from this place, and I carry it with me everywhere I go; the place, the people, the values, the history and culture that have shaped me.  I consider it a great honour to represent the Ottawa Valley to the best of my ability, on stage and off.  People often ask me to describe my home and native area.  Try as I might, I find it is impossible to paint an accurate portrayal of this majestic place.ottawa valley pictures0007

William Shakespeare said “The eyes are the window to your soul.”  I have come to realize that the people of the Ottawa Valley are the eyes to its soul.  In particular, the people who helped to settle this area first.  It is with a deep and grand respect that I am going to attempt to tell the story of the Ottawa Valley on these pages, by helping Ottawa Valley natives tell their stories about days past.    Hearing and treasuring their stories of growing up in this area truly inform who and what we are.  I am also hoping to preserve pieces of our history that only they can remember and tell us.  For it is by looking back, by evaluating and valuing our past, that we can truly appreciate, learn and move forward in strength.ottawa valley pictures-1

I hope you will appreciate these posts as much as I know I will enjoy putting them together.  I had no idea when I set out to compile these stories, how much it would mean to my community, to have an opportunity to share them. I know that my friends and neighbours, as well, welcome your views and comments.

You’ll find the videos and stories that I add along the right hand side of this page under “recent posts.”  Thanks for taking a peek into “My Ottawa Valley.”

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